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GHS will not replace WHMIS. WHMIS will be modified to
incorporate the GHS.

There will be changes to:

  • Classification rules and hazard classes
  • Label requirements
  • Hazard Symbols/Pictograms
  • SDS format (formerly MSDS)

Classification: Three main classes

  • Health Hazards
  • Physical Hazards
  • Environmental Hazards- is not proposed to be adopted in Canada under WHMIS.

Each, of the three classes above, will have many categories within that class.

Hazard Symbols and Pictograms:

  • There are many Pictograms that are associated with Hazards.
  • Hazard class names are changing
  • Some products that were not controlled under WHMIS may now be controlled.
  • WHMIS after GHS will not be less protective.

Supplier Label requirements:

  • Product Identifier
  • Signal words (NEW)
  • Hazard Pictograms
  • Hazard Statements
  • Precautionary Statements
  • Supplier Identifier

These supplier labels are still required to be in both French/English, Easy to read, and must be re labeled if the supplier label is not readable. The Hatched border previously used by WHMIS is no longer required.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) will now require:

  • 16 Headings
  • Fixed order
  • New requirements
  • Sections 12 to 15 require the headings to be present, but under proposed Canadian regulations, the supplier has the option to not provide information in these sections.